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Uxellodunum : Puy d'issolud


... is the famous stronghold where the troops of the Gauls, including those who escaped the battle of Alesia, under siege by Julius Caesar and his legions, fought the last battle for the independence of Gaul.

Puy d'Issolud, a major historical site of France, was officially declared to be the site of Uxellodunum on 26 avril 2001 by the Minister of Culture at a press conference with Michel Vaginay (Conservateur au Service Régional de l'Archéologie à Toulouse) and Christian Goudineau (professeur au Collège de France).

The Association of the Amis d'Uxellodunum, Puy d'Issolud was created in 2001. See Association.


Septembre 2018 - Journées européennes du patrimoine au Puy d'Issolud


12-13 May 2018 - Exhibition Uxellodunum : The excavations old and new

Created by Jean-Pierre Girault and the friends of Uxellodunum, with the participation of the Syndicat mixte de gestion du site d'Uxellodunum (SMGSU), this exhibition presented a selection of over 100 photos relating in images the archeological excavations recently and formerly carried out at the site of Uxellodunum in the area around around the Loulié spring.

The exhibition also allowed visitors to discover a catapult and a showcase of Roman armaments - some of the material acquired by the association from Pascal Lavaud, the last authentic maker of hand-crafted ancient edge-tools in France.

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Scientific studies (in French) - new in 2018...

La querelle d'Uxellodunum - toute une histoire - Les oppida du Lot
The quarrel of Uxellodunum - it's a long story - The oppida of Lot
Par Jean-Pierre GIRAULT

Télécharger PDF 7.5 Mo

Découvertes archéologiques à la Coste (Puy d’Issolud)
Archeological finds at La Coste (Puy d'Issolud)

Par Jean GASCO, Jean-Pierre GIRAULT et Patrick LASCAUX

Télécharger PDF 0.6 Mo
Quelques pierres gravées/sculptées et objets divers trouvés au Puy d'Issolud
Various carved or sculpted stones and other objects found at Puy d'Issolud

Par Jean-Pierre GIRAULT et Jean GASCO
Télécharger PDF 0,6 Mo

Recherches récentes à la Fontaine de Loulié : Époques Néolithique, du Bronze final et du
premier âge du Fer. Étude des Buttes 2 et 10.
Recent archeological research at Loulié. Neolithic, Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age.
Study of mounds 2 and 10.

Par Jean-Pierre GIRAULT

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  Figures 1 - 25
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  Figures 26 - 50
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  Figures 51 - 70
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Les occupations préhistoriques du Puy d'Issolud et de ses contreforts. Inventaire des sites
et études (Communes de Vayrac and Saint-Denis-lès-Martel).
Prehistoric occupation on Puy d'Issolud and its surroundings. Inventory of the sites
and studies. Communes of Vayrac and Saint-Denis-Lès-Martel)

Par Jean-Pierre GIRAULT
Télécharger PDF2.3 Mo
Deux stèles protohistoriques redécouvertes au Puy d'Issolud (Vayrac, Lot)
Two proto-historic standing stones rediscovered at Puy d'Issolud (Vayrac, Lot)

Par Jean-Pierre GIRAULT et Jean GASCO
Télécharger PDF14,8 Mo

The complete set of studies is available for downloading here : Recent scientific studies : documents for download


Jean-Pierre Girault

Jean-Claude Requier, Jean Launay et Jean-Pierre Girault

Chevalier de l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres : Ceremony 17th May 2013 at Carennac.

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Jean-Pierre is the archeologist responsible for the recent excavations at the site of the Loulié spring which led to the site being recognised officially as the site of the battle of Uxellodunum. He is also author of a number of books on many aspects of the archeology of Lot.

His 2005 publication describes the habitat of the Gauls and Gallo-Romans in the Dordogne valley as revealed by research in 80 communes of Lot and Corrèze. Many traces of the habitat of this period do exist, but most would remain unknown if this inventory had not been produced by a small group of historians and archeologists. Fifteen enlightened professionals and volunteers joined in the work undertaken over almost a half-century by Jean-Pierre Girault.

Where is the site of Uxellodunum?

Puy d'Issolud is situated in the communes of Vayrac and St Denis les Martel, in the north of the department of Lot (46), region Midi-Pyrénées.





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